Tattoo and Piercing FAQ

Does getting tattooed hurt?

Each individual's pain threshold is very different. Some people think one part of the body is very painful while others have no problem sitting through that particular spot. Each area of the body is different. In the end, most people compare the pain to an annoyance or persistent scratching feeling. Remember, if it hurt extravagantly no one would ever get tattooed more than once!

I heard that Polysporin is good to use on a healing tattoo. Is this true?

No! Polysporin used to be recommended in the healing of tattoos but has been found over the years to actually dry out the skin and fade the tattoo. At Soldiers Of Ink LLC, we recommend not putting anything other than unscented, plain lotion on your tattoo. Polysporin can result in a scarred, faded, and damaged tattoo.

How long do I have to wait to go swimming, take a bath, or go in my hot tub?

It is best to wait a minimum of two weeks. If you have issues healing your tattoo you may have to wait longer. Submerging a fresh tattoo in any kind of water will result in scarification and improper healing. It is best to take showers and let the water softly fall over the area, being careful not to soak it. Always gently dab, not rub, with a disposable paper towel or a very clean towel to dry.

Does Soldiers Of Ink LLC use any sort of numbing cream when tattooing or piercing?

No. It is best not to use any sort of numbing cream in the process of tattooing or piercing. Aside from not being an effective method, it can cause complications in the healing process by slowing it down considerably. Besides, most of the time you will still feel some pain. A good tattoo artist or piercer will be able to talk you through the process and relieve some of your fears.

Can I bring my own jewelry to get a piercing?

No. Soldiers Of Ink LLC only uses the highest quality titanium jewelry for initial piercing. Any other type of lower grade metal can cause infection and improper healing. We also sterilize all jewelry and ensure it is fit to be implanted in your body. When you bring in your own jewelry, our Body Piercer cannot guarantee the quality, healing, or sterilization of the jewelry. All of our piercing prices include the jewelry. If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact Soldiers Of Ink LLC today to speak to one of our professional tattoo artists or body piercers.

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